How to Implement Proactive Customer Service

When was the last time you pleasantly surprise your customer service team? Perhaps you ordered a product online only to find the store didn’t have the item in stock. Or you ordered for a lawn care specialist and got impressive results. In business, not everything will always go according to plan. If things don’t go according to expectations, you don’t always have to give up. You need to embrace the aspect of proactive customer service.

Proactive customer service

Proactive customer service occurs when representatives reach out to customers and offer solutions without being prompted. This can include introducing new products and services to your customers, notifying them about errors and glitches, or simply going your way to improving customer experience. The idea behind proactive customer service is that your company wants to go above and beyond for its customers, past the point of purchase. You will want to prove your trustworthiness and increase customer loyalty. This means you must aim at offering customer solution to problems before they arise and create mutually beneficial relationships.

If you are looking forward to offering proactive solutions to your customers, here are some of the ways you can go about it;

Send out surveys

One of the best ways to go about proactive customer service is by sending out surveys. It presents one of the best ways to get into the mind of a customer by asking them important questions. One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is to assume that they know what their customers want and need. Instead, ensure you can roll out questionnaires to help you in gaining important information from your customers and improve on different aspects of your business. Customer feedback is essentially important to offer proactive customer service.

Create a knowledge base

Knowledge base refers to databases that store important information about a specific company, in terms of their products, services as well as other topics. This data can be collected and stored through artificial intelligence or be manually uploaded by experts. Knowledge bases are particularly useful because they reduce the need for customers to contact support with the use of simple questions. With a knowledge base, customers can do their own troubleshooting and avoid going through length calls with service teams.

Introduce similar products

You may need to introduce a feature that lists products customers may like. It can be quite exciting when a customer makes a purchase with you. However, nothing would be more disappointing than when your relationship with that customer ends with a single purchase. Consider the products they purchased with you and create a list of other important and related items they may need as well.

Include automatic SMS scheduling options

Part of providing proactive customer service is being able to eliminate time-consuming tasks for your customers so that they don’t have to deal with those issues. Doing so will prove that you are dedicated to maximizing customer experience. If a customer really loves a product, you could offer them an automatic payment plan so that they can access the product on a consistent basis. In case automatic scheduling is not possible, consider SMS scheduling so that customer appointments or payments can be done at the click of their phone buttons.

A Simplified Guide to Product Marketing

When you start a simple tow truck or any other company, you will want to ensure you can bring products and services that your customers would love. After you have figured out what to offer to your customers, the next big handle and challenge you will face is creating content that excites your consumers about the products you offer. This is where product marketing comes in.

What is product marketing

Product marketing is the process of bringing a product to the market, promoting it and having it sold to the customer. It involves understanding the product’s target audience and making use of strategic positioning and messaging to boost both revenue and demand for the project. There are some key things that make product marketing different as compared to conventional marketing. Product marketing is strategic whereas conventional marketing is all inclusive. As a matter of fact, product marketing is considered a component of conventional marketing.

Product marketing is focused on driving demand for the adoption of a product that has already been introduced to the customers. It is focused on the steps people tale to purchase a product so that marketers can build campaigns to support their work. It is all about understanding the specific audience of a product on a deeper level and developing the right product positioning and messaging so as to appeal to that audience. It will majorly cover the launch and execution side of a product in addition to marketing strategy of the product.

Product marketing is a very crucial part if any business marketing strategy. Without it, your products may fail to achieve their maximum potential among your target audience. With product marketing, you will achieve a lot including;

– Understanding your customer better

– Target your buyer persona effectively

– Learn more about your competitors in terms of products and marketing tactics

– Ensure there is a smooth marketing of product, will delivery of high number of sales

– Position a product appropriately in the marketing

– Boost revenue and greatly improve sales

Product marketing works to serve key product marketing responsibilities which include the following;

Identify the buyer persona and target audience of your product. You must identify the buyer persona and audience of your product so that you can target customers in a more convincing way which can lead to sales. You will need to tailor your products and features to solve the challenges your audience is facing.

Additionally, with product marketing, you will be able to successfully create, manage and carry out your product marketing strategy. You will be able to create, build and execute content and campaigns. Doing so will support the steps that will lead your buyer personas and customers to make a purchase.

Additionally, with product marketing, you will work with and enable sales to attract the right customers for your new products. As a product marketer, it is your duty to maintain a direct relationship with sales. You must work with sales to identify and attract the right customers who can do business with you. You need to provide your team with right resources to ensure their work is a success.

Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics in 2020

When Google analytics is mentioned, most people get intimidated. However, that should not be the case. Google Analytics is simply a tool that gives businesses an in-depth analysis of their websites in terms of performance. A business dealing with Carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg can install Google Analytics (GA) on its site to track visitor activities and use that data to enhance its marketing and advertising strategies.

If you are a business that wants to get a lot of data about your site visitors and customers, and you have the time and ability to analyze it, Google Analytics can be a great fit.

About Google Analytics

When it comes to GA, there is a free and paid version – with the later known as Analytics 360. Small and medium-sized businesses would most probably get all the features and functionalities they need from the free version. For enterprise businesses, they may need to upgrade. When they make the upgrade, they will benefit from advanced funnel reporting, roll-up reporting, more views, data, and metrics as well as unlimited and unsampled data.

To set up Google Analytics, the first step is to set up Google Account. Once you have created the Google account, you will need to register for analytics. To set up analytics, you will need to understand the various layers and tools involved with analytics.

At the highest level, we have Organization, which represents a company. Organizations are required for larger companies, but it is not mandatory.

At the second level, we have Accounts. To use Google Analytics, you will need to have at least one account. Once you have an account, you will need to assign one property to that account. If you have different users, you can give them different permissions for the entire analytics account or part of it.

At the lowest level, we have Property. A property is a website or an app. Each property can support up to 25 views. At the minimum level, you will need to have two views per property. One will need to have zero configuration and another will need to have filters that are set up to include any traffic coming from within your company.

How to use Google Analytics

To use the GA account, there are a couple of key steps you have to follow. The first step is to create the account or sign in to your current one. Secondly, you will need to add a name, URL, and industry in which your website wants to track. You will choose the account you want to add the property to.

Add a view to your property. You can use the menu to create a view, name your view, and select the type of view – be it a web or app, then answer a few questions that might pop up. You can add up to 25 views to a property in GA.

After views, you will need to add a tracking code directly after the <head> tag of your website. When you create a property, you will have access to a unique ID for tracking, as well as a global site tag. This is how you will be able to collect data on your property.

How to Achieve Maximum Productivity

ProductivityBecoming the person and professional of your dreams is a tall order that requires maximum use of your time. Every day, there are different aspects and tasks we have to do, be it attending to kids, working in a towing service, meeting business partners, going to gym, personal growth among others. To balance all these things, you need to have the best discipline of time. No matter the goals we have to achieve, we all have 24 hours each day to work with.

To maintain a healthy relationship with all aspects of your life, you have to maximize the little time you have, and here is how to go about it.


Maximize time between transitions

You need to maximize efficiency during transitions and stop wasting time be it playing games or on social media. You need to avoid getting frustrated and overwhelmed if you have a lot on your table to achieve. Use transitions as opportunities to make maximum use of your time. If you are driving, you can use that time to expand your knowledge base by listening to an audiobook.


Accelerate your morning

Nothing better than starting your day with a high intensity cardio. During the morning hours, you need to get your blood pumping. Taking up exercises in the morning will accelerate your daily productivity. Spend at least 15 minutes every day to exercise as getting your blood pumping will accelerate your daily productivity.


Plan your day in advance

As one of the habits of highly successful people, you need to maximize your productivity by planning your day in advance. Most of us spend a lot of time on tasks that seem urgent but not important. The most successful people have mastered the art of productivity by planning their day in advance and working on realizing all the tasks on their list. Create a routine and a schedule and be disciplined to follow it.


Focus on Top Goals

You need to keep a laser like focus on top goals. Having too many goals can be destructive and hinder you from achieving your dreams. You need to have narrow and specific goals that you focus on at any given time. When it comes to self-control, you must hone it. You cannot reach a high level of performance and productivity if you don’t have self-discipline and self-control. You also need to create habits that support productivity. High productive people get things done by fostering good habits.

Easy Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy

In the zone at WBAMC’s inpatient wardsAging is inevitable but staying fit and healthy is something you can quickly achieve. We are living in a performance driven society that is always and continuously searching for eternal youth. Most of us tend to forget the effects that time has on our bodies. There might be issues with a changing figure, fading hair color, appearance of wrinkles among others. Besides these physical changes that may show we are aging, other changes include a decreased energy or endurance, onset of health problems and altered sleep.

Any form of physical exercise be it working out at the gym, trekking, climbing stairs, or towing with Manassas Tow Truck can boost and increase your chances of getting fit. Taking charge of your health can help keep you young and fit for long, much to the advantage of your confidence from natural looks. Here are some sure tips and easy ways to stay fit and healthy for long.


Regular Checkups

You need to get annual checkups to ensure that everything in your body is working as it is supposed to be. Most people tend to avoid getting regular checkups out of the negative attitude they associate the exercise with. These days, we are living on the verge of diseases, and we need to ensure that our bodies receive the right screening. Getting your exams in time is a sure way of providing that you deal with any abnormality in time before it becomes much pronounced in your body.


Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is very important in your efforts to stay fit and healthy, yet most of us do not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep has a lot of adverse effects on our physical and mental health. Lack of sleep also affects your metabolism, concentration, mood, motor skills, immune system, stress hormones and cardiovascular health. A good rest allows your body to heal, repair well and rejuvenate.



ExerciseExercise is one of the most important things you should include in your regime if you are looking forward to staying fit and healthy. You only need to walk a few minutes every day to stay healthy. Exercise improves the supply of blood and other nutrients to your body. Doing cardio exercises comes with many benefits. Cardio workouts help to strengthen your heart and lungs while strength training helps your muscles to reduce chances of injury.




Eat Healthily

You have to observe the number of calories that you consume, and the types of foods you take in your body. Ensure that your diet is full of fresh fruits and whole grains. Also, include sufficient sources of protein and healthy fats and cut on your carb sources. Avoid junk foods such as pizza and burgers as they are highly processed and contain many preservatives as well as artificial sweeteners.

Additionally, ensure that you drink plenty of water as it helps in keeping your body hydrated and in good condition. Also, avoid putting yourself in a stressing condition. Stress is not good and can do much harm to your body.




Top Foods Making You Fat

wheatNutrition is full of all sorts of misconceptions, lies, and myths. What most people believe to be right turns out to be the complete opposite of reality. Cutting excess calories and junk from your diet is the first step towards losing weight and keeping fit. However, sometimes, the food we take assuming are healthy tend to be the worst, saturated with high fat and calories.

If you are hitting the gym for many hours and still you can’t see progress in your fitness goals, you’re most probably getting it wrong in your diet and nutrition. Let us explore areas and habits that are have been sabotaging your fitness goals.


Breakfast Cereals

Today’s groceries are full of the so-called “healthy” breakfast cereals. The truth is that these cereals make the worst foods you can eat because they are loaded with much sugar and refined carbs. They contain many fattening ingredients packaged in these bags. When you start your day with processed cereals, you spike your insulin and blood sugar levels, and a few hours later, your body will crave for more carbs. Note that most breakfast cereals have misleading claims of having low fat and whole grains on their packaging, but are usually loaded with much sugar.


Whole Wheat Bread


The whole wheat bread is in most times perceived as a healthy alternative to refined wheat. Well, though whole wheat is less severe when compared to refined wheat, the only problem we have with whole grain foods is that they are not made from actual whole grains. The grains have been pulverized to become excellent flour that is easily and quickly digestible. This causes them to spike blood sugar just the way refined grains do. Whole wheat bread also contains excess fiber and more nutrients. However, there is no nutrient in wheat that you can lack when you decide to take other food alternatives.


Agave Nectar

The agave nectar commonly known as agave syrup is most presented as a natural and safe alternative to sugar. The only problem with this nectar is that it’s not healthy at all. From the underlying chemistry, sugar contains 50 percent fructose while agave includes 70 t 90 percent fructose. Taking small amounts of fructose has no harm, but consuming excess amounts of added sugar can have some devastating effects on your metabolism. Excess amounts of sugar cause elevated blood sugar, abdominal obesity, has a harmful impact on your cholesterol among others.


Low Fat Yogurt


Yogurt is usually considered to be healthy food. The only problem we have is that most yogurts found in stores are low-fat yogurt which is highly processed garbage- for lack of a better word. When these food manufacturers remove fat from foods, the resultant taste is terrible. This is the reason they end up adding the whole bunch of other foodstuffs to compensate for the lack of fat and improve on taste. So their low-fat yogurt has had fat removed only to be replaced with even a much worse substance. In simple terms, avoid labels!

Easy Ways to Become Lean Today

leanAre you ready to declare war on your body fats and get ripped today? It may sound so easy but yet so hard. Would you want to achieve your health goals the best way instead of dieting yourself to deal and running miles after miles?  There many different theories on training and dieting out there that people find confusing. We all want to be lean and muscular, and the only way to achieve this is through proper training and nutrition.

We have presented to you the natural ways and principles you can follow to achieve your ultimate health goals.


Drink Plenty of Water

You need to start your day with a glass or two of water. Research has shown that drinking water as the first thing in the morning helps in jump-starting your metabolism and also removing toxins from your body. If you want to have a drink, they make it to be water as it has no calories. Drinking water also helps in controlling your hunger and equally prevents you from eating unnecessary calories.


Hit the Gym

This statement sounds so obvious but can’t be overemphasized. First, you need to include resistant training in your lifestyle. The more muscles your body has, the more calories you will burn per day because of your active metabolism. One way you can build more muscles in your body is to include resistant training in your gym schedules. When you stress your body to the maximum through lifting, you will make your muscles realize more significant gains.


Increase Your Fiber Intake

Fiber is one type of carbs your body is not able to break into glucose for energy use. We have two types of fiber; insoluble and soluble ones. Both of these types are beneficial in different ways. Soluble fiber attracts water forming a gel that slows down digestion making your stomach feel full. It also helps in lowering blood cholesterol. Foods that are high in fiber include broccoli, cabbages, asparagus cauliflower, celery, lettuce, green beans, spinach, zucchini, green leafy veggies among others.


Evaluate Your Calories

drink waterNote that not all calories are created equal. The foods that we take are equally as important as the calories they supply. Everything that you eat can either be placed into three main categories, which are fats, carbs, and proteins. Each of these micronutrients is processed differently in the body. If your diet is mostly consistent of ice creams and cakes, you it will be processed differently, and you will feel different as compared to those whose diets consist of vegetables and lean meat. Proteins form an essential part of a healthy diet. Carbs and fats are also essential. You should try as much as possible to increase the levels of protein intake in your body.

Track Your Progress

For an active and healthy lifestyle, you need to track and record everything from the meals you are taking to the changes your body is undergoing. Measure your body fat and weight together with the food portions you take. Do not use somebody else’s meal plan to achieve your results as it will mostly leave you disappointed.

Most Effective Ways to Lose Stomach Fat

Belly fatBelly fat is a big nuisance to many people. Fat around the belly area is medically known as visceral fat and is considered to be very harmful. This type of fat is a significant cause to type 2 diabetes, heart disease among others. People with protruding belly out of belly fat are at an increased risk of health issues. Losing belly fat can be difficult; however, it doesn’t have to be quite tricky, and these are the ways to go about it;


Eat a lot of Soluble Fiber.

Soluble fiber in the body works by absorbing water to form a gel. This gel helps in slowing down food as it passes through your digestive system. Fiber is so good at promoting weight loss as it makes you feel full, meaning you will naturally eat less. So if you are looking forward to doing away with stomach fat, make an effort to consume foods that are high in fiber every day.


Avoid Too Much Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol in minimal quantities can have some benefits to the body. However, it can be seriously harmful if you drink a lot of it. Research has shown that taking too much alcohol may make someone fat resulting in gaining belly fat. Studies are linking heavy alcohol consumption with an increased risk of central obesity, a term used to refer to excess fat storage around the waist area. If you cut back alcohol, it can help make you leaner by cutting excess fat storage around your waist area.


Avoid foods with Trans Fat

SugarTrans fat result from a process of adding hydrogen into unsaturated fats.  They are types of fats found in margarine and other forms of spreads. You can also find these types of fats in many packaged foods. Trans fats are linked to inflammation, insulin resistance, heart diseases and abdominal fat gains. If you want to help reduce belly fat and have better protection for your health, have a keen read to ingredient labels and stay away from products that contain trans-fat.


Eat Foods High in Protein

Protein is an extremely vital food group for those looking to keep their weight under control. When you take food high in protein, you activate the PYY fullness hormone which helps in decreasing appetite and promoting fullness. Protein also helps in raising your metabolic rate and retaining muscle mass during a weight loss program. Studies have shown that people who take more protein have a lower abdominal fat as compared to those who take low protein diet.


Avoid Sugary Products

Sugar contains fructose which is linked to a couple of chronic diseases when taken in excess quantities. Excessive consumption of fructose may lead to fatty liver disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Apart from eating healthy or maintaining a strict nutritional program, you need to do exercises, mainly cardio. Cardio workouts are effective ways to burn calories and improve on your health. Various forms of cardio workouts from running, cycling, jumping rope, swimming among others, present a handy way to burn belly fat.