Easy Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy

In the zone at WBAMC’s inpatient wardsAging is inevitable but staying fit and healthy is something you can quickly achieve. We are living in a performance driven society that is always and continuously searching for eternal youth. Most of us tend to forget the effects that time has on our bodies. There might be issues with a changing figure, fading hair color, appearance of wrinkles among others. Besides these physical changes that may show we are aging, other changes include a decreased energy or endurance, onset of health problems and altered sleep.

Any form of physical exercise be it working out at the gym, trekking, climbing stairs, or towing with Manassas Tow Truck can boost and increase your chances of getting fit. Taking charge of your health can help keep you young and fit for long, much to the advantage of your confidence from natural looks. Here are some sure tips and easy ways to stay fit and healthy for long.


Regular Checkups

You need to get annual checkups to ensure that everything in your body is working as it is supposed to be. Most people tend to avoid getting regular checkups out of the negative attitude they associate the exercise with. These days, we are living on the verge of diseases, and we need to ensure that our bodies receive the right screening. Getting your exams in time is a sure way of providing that you deal with any abnormality in time before it becomes much pronounced in your body.


Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is very important in your efforts to stay fit and healthy, yet most of us do not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep has a lot of adverse effects on our physical and mental health. Lack of sleep also affects your metabolism, concentration, mood, motor skills, immune system, stress hormones and cardiovascular health. A good rest allows your body to heal, repair well and rejuvenate.



ExerciseExercise is one of the most important things you should include in your regime if you are looking forward to staying fit and healthy. You only need to walk a few minutes every day to stay healthy. Exercise improves the supply of blood and other nutrients to your body. Doing cardio exercises comes with many benefits. Cardio workouts help to strengthen your heart and lungs while strength training helps your muscles to reduce chances of injury.




Eat Healthily

You have to observe the number of calories that you consume, and the types of foods you take in your body. Ensure that your diet is full of fresh fruits and whole grains. Also, include sufficient sources of protein and healthy fats and cut on your carb sources. Avoid junk foods such as pizza and burgers as they are highly processed and contain many preservatives as well as artificial sweeteners.

Additionally, ensure that you drink plenty of water as it helps in keeping your body hydrated and in good condition. Also, avoid putting yourself in a stressing condition. Stress is not good and can do much harm to your body.




Top Foods Making You Fat

wheatNutrition is full of all sorts of misconceptions, lies, and myths. What most people believe to be right turns out to be the complete opposite of reality. Cutting excess calories and junk from your diet is the first step towards losing weight and keeping fit. However, sometimes, the food we take assuming are healthy tend to be the worst, saturated with high fat and calories.

If you are hitting the gym for many hours and still you can’t see progress in your fitness goals, you’re most probably getting it wrong in your diet and nutrition. Let us explore areas and habits that are have been sabotaging your fitness goals.


Breakfast Cereals

Today’s groceries are full of the so-called “healthy” breakfast cereals. The truth is that these cereals make the worst foods you can eat because they are loaded with much sugar and refined carbs. They contain many fattening ingredients packaged in these bags. When you start your day with processed cereals, you spike your insulin and blood sugar levels, and a few hours later, your body will crave for more carbs. Note that most breakfast cereals have misleading claims of having low fat and whole grains on their packaging, but are usually loaded with much sugar.


Whole Wheat Bread


The whole wheat bread is in most times perceived as a healthy alternative to refined wheat. Well, though whole wheat is less severe when compared to refined wheat, the only problem we have with whole grain foods is that they are not made from actual whole grains. The grains have been pulverized to become excellent flour that is easily and quickly digestible. This causes them to spike blood sugar just the way refined grains do. Whole wheat bread also contains excess fiber and more nutrients. However, there is no nutrient in wheat that you can lack when you decide to take other food alternatives.


Agave Nectar

The agave nectar commonly known as agave syrup is most presented as a natural and safe alternative to sugar. The only problem with this nectar is that it’s not healthy at all. From the underlying chemistry, sugar contains 50 percent fructose while agave includes 70 t 90 percent fructose. Taking small amounts of fructose has no harm, but consuming excess amounts of added sugar can have some devastating effects on your metabolism. Excess amounts of sugar cause elevated blood sugar, abdominal obesity, has a harmful impact on your cholesterol among others.


Low Fat Yogurt


Yogurt is usually considered to be healthy food. The only problem we have is that most yogurts found in stores are low-fat yogurt which is highly processed garbage- for lack of a better word. When these food manufacturers remove fat from foods, the resultant taste is terrible. This is the reason they end up adding the whole bunch of other foodstuffs to compensate for the lack of fat and improve on taste. So their low-fat yogurt has had fat removed only to be replaced with even a much worse substance. In simple terms, avoid labels!