Easy Ways to Become Lean Today

leanAre you ready to declare war on your body fats and get ripped today? It may sound so easy but yet so hard. Would you want to achieve your health goals the best way instead of dieting yourself to deal and running miles after miles?  There many different theories on training and dieting out there that people find confusing. We all want to be lean and muscular, and the only way to achieve this is through proper training and nutrition.

We have presented to you the natural ways and principles you can follow to achieve your ultimate health goals.


Drink Plenty of Water

You need to start your day with a glass or two of water. Research has shown that drinking water as the first thing in the morning helps in jump-starting your metabolism and also removing toxins from your body. If you want to have a drink, they make it to be water as it has no calories. Drinking water also helps in controlling your hunger and equally prevents you from eating unnecessary calories.


Hit the Gym

This statement sounds so obvious but can’t be overemphasized. First, you need to include resistant training in your lifestyle. The more muscles your body has, the more calories you will burn per day because of your active metabolism. One way you can build more muscles in your body is to include resistant training in your gym schedules. When you stress your body to the maximum through lifting, you will make your muscles realize more significant gains.


Increase Your Fiber Intake

Fiber is one type of carbs your body is not able to break into glucose for energy use. We have two types of fiber; insoluble and soluble ones. Both of these types are beneficial in different ways. Soluble fiber attracts water forming a gel that slows down digestion making your stomach feel full. It also helps in lowering blood cholesterol. Foods that are high in fiber include broccoli, cabbages, asparagus cauliflower, celery, lettuce, green beans, spinach, zucchini, green leafy veggies among others.


Evaluate Your Calories

drink waterNote that not all calories are created equal. The foods that we take are equally as important as the calories they supply. Everything that you eat can either be placed into three main categories, which are fats, carbs, and proteins. Each of these micronutrients is processed differently in the body. If your diet is mostly consistent of ice creams and cakes, you it will be processed differently, and you will feel different as compared to those whose diets consist of vegetables and lean meat. Proteins form an essential part of a healthy diet. Carbs and fats are also essential. You should try as much as possible to increase the levels of protein intake in your body.

Track Your Progress

For an active and healthy lifestyle, you need to track and record everything from the meals you are taking to the changes your body is undergoing. Measure your body fat and weight together with the food portions you take. Do not use somebody else’s meal plan to achieve your results as it will mostly leave you disappointed.

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