Most Effective Ways to Lose Stomach Fat

Belly fatBelly fat is a big nuisance to many people. Fat around the belly area is medically known as visceral fat and is considered to be very harmful. This type of fat is a significant cause to type 2 diabetes, heart disease among others. People with protruding belly out of belly fat are at an increased risk of health issues. Losing belly fat can be difficult; however, it doesn’t have to be quite tricky, and these are the ways to go about it;


Eat a lot of Soluble Fiber.

Soluble fiber in the body works by absorbing water to form a gel. This gel helps in slowing down food as it passes through your digestive system. Fiber is so good at promoting weight loss as it makes you feel full, meaning you will naturally eat less. So if you are looking forward to doing away with stomach fat, make an effort to consume foods that are high in fiber every day.


Avoid Too Much Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol in minimal quantities can have some benefits to the body. However, it can be seriously harmful if you drink a lot of it. Research has shown that taking too much alcohol may make someone fat resulting in gaining belly fat. Studies are linking heavy alcohol consumption with an increased risk of central obesity, a term used to refer to excess fat storage around the waist area. If you cut back alcohol, it can help make you leaner by cutting excess fat storage around your waist area.


Avoid foods with Trans Fat

SugarTrans fat result from a process of adding hydrogen into unsaturated fats.  They are types of fats found in margarine and other forms of spreads. You can also find these types of fats in many packaged foods. Trans fats are linked to inflammation, insulin resistance, heart diseases and abdominal fat gains. If you want to help reduce belly fat and have better protection for your health, have a keen read to ingredient labels and stay away from products that contain trans-fat.


Eat Foods High in Protein

Protein is an extremely vital food group for those looking to keep their weight under control. When you take food high in protein, you activate the PYY fullness hormone which helps in decreasing appetite and promoting fullness. Protein also helps in raising your metabolic rate and retaining muscle mass during a weight loss program. Studies have shown that people who take more protein have a lower abdominal fat as compared to those who take low protein diet.


Avoid Sugary Products

Sugar contains fructose which is linked to a couple of chronic diseases when taken in excess quantities. Excessive consumption of fructose may lead to fatty liver disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Apart from eating healthy or maintaining a strict nutritional program, you need to do exercises, mainly cardio. Cardio workouts are effective ways to burn calories and improve on your health. Various forms of cardio workouts from running, cycling, jumping rope, swimming among others, present a handy way to burn belly fat.


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